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Image Preparation/Uploading
Posted by Wade Flemmer on 22 August 2016 04:48 pm



When uploading images please follow the following guidelines:


1. Images should all be in .jpg format.

2. For best results images should be no higher than about 1000px. If you have a site that offers digital downloads through the cart, and you are allowing clients to download high-resolution images, then the max height would be 2000px.

3. Each file should have a unique name. if an image by that name already exists in the particular gallery the new image will be ignored.

4. All file names must start with a character or a number. avoid using spaces, periods (.) or other special characters such as %,&, and # in the file name.


when using the bulk image uploader be sure to upload the images after each browse before you browse and select a new batch.


If you still have trouble, here are some things to try:


1. Restart your computer

2. Restart your router or modem

3. Try a different browser.


If the issue persists please provide us with a specific example including the name of the image you are trying to upload.